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Dutch Draught horse (trekpaard)

Animals domain

Holder information

Contact information


Koninklijke Vereniging ''Het Nederlandse Trekpaard en De Haflinger" (KVTH)

Contact Person

H.F.M. van Rossum


Westeind 5

Postal code and city

5245 NL, Rosmalen




Website address


Sector and type of institution

Sector: Civil
Institute type: Herdbook

Benefit sharing arrangements

Not implemented

General information about the collection

Ownership of the collection

Private breeder(s)

Acquisition costs

Material available, for commercial price

Transfer conditions

No formal agreement necessary

Use conditions

For all uses, including commercial use 

Availability can depend on:


The yearly distribution is 861  samples, 861 matings in 2006; 637 newborn horses and 1028 matings in 2004.

Data availability

Passport data and evaluation data are available.

Data update year on this site


The Collection

Collection size

number of females: 1078
number of males: 46

Purpose of the collection

The collection is maintained for the following purpose(s):

Population trend

The population size of breeding animals is decreasing.

Countries of origin

The collection consists of accessions from the following countries and regions:

Countries before 1994:

Countries after 1994:


Generatively/sexually propagated

Storage method

between 5 and 20 years: In vivo conservation